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We are the First UK Free Computer Self Repair Website. We provided our members with free step by step procedure on how to repair and maintain their computer. Our help ranges from mouse fixing to full IT Support, computer maintenance, repairs, servicing and upgrades. We always offer a flexible approach to our directory users round the clock.

To ease the frustrations of computer users and to provide instructions, information, programs and services in an effective manner so that the average computer user may understand them, to supply these things in the easiest to understand in layman's terms and completely free of charge, Our main aim is to fulfil the needs of members of this website and any individual or small businesses.

Need Computer Help?

Don't want the hassle of installing software or setting up your computer?
Fed up with pop ups, lock ups and poor performance?
Want to save yourself some frustration and money?

Do you say YES to any of these regarding your computer?

Is it slow? Does it has viruses? Is it suffering from hard drive failure? Does your system report no signal failure? Does it needs repairs, upgrades, installation & maintenance, wireless setup?

You have come to the right place; pcselfrepair can with your computer problems. Our Qualified local and national members will repair your mac, laptop or pc remotely for free and in return you can choose to donate to keep this website running if you are happy with the repair service.Click for remote repair help.


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